Empower your digital self with AI & blockchain

An all-in-one solution to generate your smart-digital AR clone. New seamless approach on how to simulate, train, personalize and manage AI on Blockchain


AR powered AI Clones

New approach on how to simulate avatars. With the leverage of AR technology, avatars will look more realistic and will be 3D rotatable, which means more scalability and fewer AI indicators

Personalized Clones

Hundreds of pre-made voices, avatars or clone your own. Personal voice cloning is available along with AR face scanning. Integrated GPT-4 model allows to train a one-of-a-kind AI avatar with specific data only for his mind to process

AI -> blockchain

Store & Mint AI generated data on Blockchain, benefit from decentralised and eternal storage option. Effectively control and monetise asset IP, use new option to generate one-of-a-kind Clone

AI NFT Generator

AI NFT generator utilizes Large Language Models (LoRA), generators leveraging multiple AI models. Platform provides seamless option to generate collection in a matter of few clicks and seconds, with no development time


Currently available

Speaking AI Avatar

Adversarial Networks (GANs) 

Variational Autoencoders (VAEs)

AI avatar generator

Large Language Models (LoRA)

AI NFT generator

Large Language Models (LoRA)

Voice cloning

Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs)

Upcoming feature

AI clone training

Augmented Reality

Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)

AR avatar generator

GPT-4 natural language AI model
Machine learning

Scalable & Innovative

Solve problems or add value with Qlone.AI

The technology that innovates fields of personal AI, customer service, WEB3, Education and even more… Infrastructure adds more value by merging AR and latest AI models together, as well Blockchain and IP

QLONE.ai token utility

Subscription Plans

Users will be able to choose from different plans depending on the quantity and quality of AI content they would like to generate

API Access

Infrastructure models will be available for other businesses and Dapps. The company will charge additional fees for the model API it provides

Platform fees

QLONE AI platform will charge users with NFT minting fees, withdrawal & deposit fees

Platform Credits

User can purchase QLONE AI platform credits, if decides to generate more content without upgrading better plan


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